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Message from the President

Towards the realization of a gender-equal society

The National Women’s Education Center (NWEC) was founded in 1977 as Japan’s only national institution for women’s education to promote efforts toward the creation of a gender-equal society. Since then, NWEC has been playing the role of a base for the promotion of a gender-equal society in partnership with diverse organizations, including regional gender equality promotion centers, local governments, universities, schools and companies in Japan. With the aim of building strong foundations for a gender-equal society, NWEC has endeavored to provide not only instructors in women’s education and stakeholders but also leaders in various fields who are promoting gender equality, as well as men and young people, with training, support for teaching and learning, and specialized research, information, and documents concerning women’s education and gender equality.

The expansion of COVID-19 infections has dramatically changed our society, economy, as well as our lifestyle. The world is now seeing increases in intimate partner violence (domestic abuse) and gender-related violence. In addition, the negative impact of changes brought about by the pandemic on people’s employment conditions and incomes is undeniably concentrated among women and socially vulnerable people. In order to conquer these problems towards the realization of a gender-equal society, we need to keenly devote ourselves to efforts to weave the viewpoint of gender equality into all aspects of our society.

Continuing from the previous fiscal year, NWEC will put further effort into providing remote learning opportunities by utilizing ICT. By effectively employing multiple media, such as on-demand content that is accessible anytime, anywhere, as well as live streaming, which enables bidirectional communication with participants, we will promote the development of domestic and international networks to enrich our activities aiming to raise gender equality awareness.

As the environment surrounding us and society are rapidly changing, we are required to create a society in which all members can fully actualize their personality and skills. We greatly look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

April 1, 2022
Natsuko Hagiwara
National Women's Education Center (NWEC)