List of Databases


“Winet” is a portal site for information describing the current situation surrounding women and challenges therein with a view to contributing toward women’s empowerment and the formation of a gender-equal society.

Literature Database

An online catalog of the Information Center for Women’s Education.

Women’s Digital Archives System

Provides digital images and an online catalog of materials housed in the Women’s Archives Center.

NWEC Repository

Some of NWEC’s reports and publications are made available to the pubic in full

Women’s Centers Database

A database of the outlines of women’s centers nationwide and the programs they offer.

Gender Statistics Database

A database of statistics crucial to understanding the current status of men and women in Japan.

Women's Information Reference Database

A collection of case studies citing questions frequently asked at women’s centers.

Women’s Career Development Support Site

Provides role models and study support information pertinent to women’s career development.

NWEC Women and Disaster Archive

A database of disaster recovery support activities offered by women’s centers.

Database on Women's Archives in Japan

Information on women's archives that are stored in facilities, institutions, and organizations throughout Japan.

Women’s Information Navigation System

A list of links to online information pertinent to the formation of a gender-equal society.

Database of Japanese Women’s Mini-Communications (Limited Distribution Materials)

Digitalizes and provides limited distribution magazines in NWEC’s collection for which permission to make them publicly accessible has been received.

Database of Information pertinent to Women Overseas

A database of information pertinent to women overseas that is only accessible on-site at NWEC.