Site Policy

Site Policy

This website is operated by the National Women’s Education Center (hereinafter “NWEC”). Please read the site policy noted below when using this website. We shall assume all users have agreed to this site policy. Our site policy may be changed without prior notice. Please check the latest content.


Copyright for the content (text, photographs, graphic content, data, images, graphics, videos, etc. (hereinafter, “content”) of this website belongs to the Center, and individuals wishing to use this content, in part or in its entirety, cannot do so beyond the scope of use permitted by the Law on Copyright and Private Usage without receiving permission from the Center.


No particular conditions apply to the addition of links.  
You are free to add links. Individuals wishing to add links are advised to add them to the top page ( as it may change the URL.

However, you are not allowed to add the following types of links.

  • Links from sites that contain content that is offensive to public order and morals or illegal (including links that may be illegal)
  • Links that violate copyright such as links that use frame functions or other functions that makes it unclear that the content belongs to the Center.
  • Links from sites that are libelous about the Center’s services or contain content that tarnishes its credibility.
  • Commercial/profit-oriented links

Content and information contained in this website may be changed or amended without prior notice.

Usage Environments

We recommend that you use Internet Explorer 6.0; Netscape 7.1 or Firefox 1.5 or newer versions of these browsers to access this website.
Moreover, you can print information from this website on A4 by reducing the width to about 70%.

Sample Print Setting for Netscape 7.1

  • Click on “Print Preview” in the “File” Menu.
  • Set “Width” in the middle of the top of the Print Preview screen to 70%.
  • Click on “Print” in the top left of the Print Preview screen to begin printing.


You will need Adobe Reader to view pages saved as PDF files.


The center exercises utmost care when loading information onto this website, but it in no way guarantees the following:

  • Matters concerning the accuracy, usefulness, legality, or security of information
  • Whether the information is regularly updated
  • Any damage arising from the use of this website
  • Any damage arising from changes in information, or suspension or termination of the operation of this website

Prohibited Conduct

The following conduct is prohibited when using this website.

  • Conduct detrimental or damaging to the Center or any third party, and conduct likely to be so
  • Conduct offensive to public order and morals, and conduct likely to be so
  • Criminal conduct, conduct linked to criminal conduct, and conduct likely to be so
  • False declarations such as registration of another person’s email address
  • Commercial activities or profit-oriented conduct, and conduct in preparation for such activities
  • Conduct libelous to the honor and credibility of the Center or any third party
  • Conduct that infringes upon the privacy of any third party, and conduct that is likely to do so
  • Use and provision of damaging programs such as computer viruses, and conduct likely to be so
  • Other conduct that violates laws, government decrees, ministerial ordinances or reason, and conduct like to do so
  • Other conduct regarded by the Center as inappropriate