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About accessibility

NWEC strives to ensure web accessibility, as provided for in the Revised Guidelines on Public Website Operation (2010) published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, so that everyone can access information without difficulty.

We aspire to meet standards corresponding to Grade A of JIS X 8341-3:2010 “Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities - Information and communications equipment, software and services.”

■Scope of target

This initiative targets the following pages of NWEC’s website http://www.nwec.jp/:

■Measures to improve web accessibility

Representative measures include:
When engaging in design, we strive to use color combinations that ensure suitable color contrast between text and backgrounds to prevent loss of text readability.
・Font size
Text covers the majority of our website so we try to ensure that the size of lettering used is adjustable. A function to facilitate this appears at the top of every page.
・Compatibility with screen readers
We take various measures to facilitate use of technology such as voice browsers. For example, we locate headline tags appropriately for skimming, limit use of platform-dependent characters that are unsuitable for screen readers, and include alternate text to describe visual information.


Where possible, we strive to provide HTML with the same content as that provided in PDF format.