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International Conference/International Exchange


Attendance at the Ceremony Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI)

Date:April 18, 2008

A ceremony commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Korean Women’s Development Institute, a Seoul-based institute that researches women’s policy on behalf of Korea, was held on Friday, April 18, 2008. NWEC President, Michiko Kanda represented Japan at the Ceremony, accompanied by Director-General Suzuki.

The KWDI’s 25th anniversary ceremony was held in grand style and attended by Korean congresswomen, cabinet ministers, individuals from women’s organizations, former presidents and concerned individuals, as well as the president of NWEC from Japan and a congresswoman (representative) from Mongolia. The Ceremony comprised an address by KWDI President Kim, a video message from Korea’s first lady, congratulatory addresses by the Minister of Gender Equality, the chairperson of the Federation of Women’s Organizations, etc., messages from attendees from Japan and Korea, a performance of Korean folksongs by the wife of Oman’s Ambassador to Korea, and a commemorative piano recital that was dedicated to KWDI.

Taking the rostrum, President Kanda read her message and congratulated the KWDI on its 25th anniversary.

At the banquet after the ceremony, President Kanda chatted with numerous representatives of Korea. A party held later for President Kanda was attended by KWDI managers and researchers who enthusiastically exchanged opinions on future collaborations with the KWDI and directions for research.

<President Kanda’s Congratulatory Address>

KWDI has since its inception dynamically promoted policies related to women and with the object of developing women’s innate capabilities has undertaken research in various fields. KWDI has also been tremendously successful in its untiring efforts to promote the formation of a gender-equal society, by organizing exchange forums on many issues based on its gender policy networks, conducting specialized surveys and research projects on women, and by providing information and engaging in international exchange and collaboration. I take this opportunity to express my profound respects to the president, members of the staff and friends and supporters, and all concerned for your monumental efforts in contributing over the last twenty-five years to the realization of a gender-equal society.

NWEC was privileged to become a collaborative partner of KWDI in 2000 when we jointly conducted research on policies to expand and enrich lifelong learning for women’s empowerment and participated in symposiums in both our countries to share the results of this research. In 2006, our two organizations formerly signed an agreement concerning research exchange and cooperation between us, in order to enhance our exchange and respective programs. I believe that our collaboration is contributing much to empowering women.

It is vital for all men and women to have mutual respect as the foundation of a gender-equal society. We know we are working to build a kind of society everyone is hoping for—a society in which every person is respected, supported and warmly cared for.

The purpose of a gender-equal society is to enable all its members to have the same possibility of a hopeful and meaningful life. This is a universal challenge. As the national center, KWDI has an increasingly important role to play in promoting such a society. I look forward to working with KWDI to empower women not just in our two countries but throughout Asia, and to share in building a better and more peaceful world.

In conclusion, let me once again congratulate KWDI on this special occasion and pray for its ever greater prosperity in the coming years.

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