International Cooperation

NWEC Global Seminar

Event Report

FY2008 International Forum for Women's Empowerment Final Report3


Forum "Global Partnership to Tackle Human Trafficking"

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Ms. Yoko Komiyama, Member of the House of Representatives,
Director General of Parliamentary League of Women in Development

Master of Ceremony
Ms. Hiroe Nakano Director, Research and International Affairs, National Women’s Education Center

Dr. Mari Osawa, Professor, Institute of Social Science, Tokyo University

Presentation of 3 Session Meetings

Session Meeting I Issue of Rescue and Protection
Session Meeting II Rehabilitation and Empowerment
Session Meeting III STOP on DEMAND: Prevention, Education and Awareness Raising


*International Cooperation and Human Trafficking
Ms. Yumiko Tanaka, Senior Advisor on Gender and Development, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

*Problem Solution for Migration
Mr. Akio Nakayama, Head, IOM Tokyo

*Gender Equality and Human Trafficking
Dr. Hiroko Hara, Professor, Graduate School of Humanities, Josai International University

◆ Ms. Yanee Lertkrai, Director, Bureau of Anti-Trafficking in Women and
Children, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security

International Cooperation