International Conference/International Exchange

International Conference/International Exchange


Visit to the Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion & Education (KIGEPE) and others

Date:July 3 to 6, 2013

As part of the overseas research component of the “Comparative Study of the Gender Equality Policy in the South East Asia Countries” project (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research [C]; Principal Investigator: Masami OCHI), from July 3 (Wed.) to July 6 (Sat.), 2013, Director of Office of Research and International Affairs and professional staff conducted research in Korea.
The group visited the Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion & Education (KIGEPE), which is a partner organization of NWEC, as well as the Seoul Foundation of Women and Family (SFWF), where they asked questions about budgets allocated to gender-related matters.
The group also interviewed representatives of the Korean Women Link Sexual Violence Relief Center, the Korea Support Center for Women and Children Victims of Violence, and the Korea Women's Hotline (KWHL) about support systems for women who have been victims of violence and about issues that have yet to be fully addressed in the future. In addition, the group observed consultation services (hotlines) being offered in multiple languages.
 There are plans to publish some of the findings of the present study in NWEC Jissen Kenkyu (‘NWEC Journal of Action Research’), No. 4 (to be published in February 2014).


alt At KIGEPE with Professor Kang (second from left) of the Gender Equality Education Division and Division Head Jun (second from right)

alt With graduates (2012 Academic Year) of the international training program who now work at the Korea Women's Hotline

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