International Conference/International Exchange

International Conference/International Exchange


Aigyung Yang, Research Fellow and Former Director of Strategy Board for Women Friendly Policies of the Korean Women's Development Institute (KWDI) Visits NWEC

Date:August 19, 2014

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, NWEC received a visit by Ms. Aigyung Yang, former Director, Research Fellow Strategy Board for Women Friendly Polices of the Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI), with which NWEC signed a research exchange and cooperation agreement in 2006.
 Following a tour of the center, Ms. Aigyung Yang made a courtesy call to Ms. Utsumi, NWEC President, and Mr. Nishizawa, Vice President. In the afternoon, Ms. Yang received explanations on the use of the Information Center for Women’s Education and the exhibits at the Women’s Archives Center followed by informal talk with NWEC staff members.
 Ms. Aigyung Yang first visited NWEC in 1999 with staff members of Korean social education institutions. Subsequently, she participated in joint research that NWEC conducted on an international comparative study of life-long learning in Japan and Korea as a Korean counterpart. Last year, she compiled KWDI’s commemorative publication for the 30th anniversary of its founding.
 Her latest visit was made in order to prepare for the launch of study, which will be carried out over a two-year period through 2016. NWEC and Ms. Yang plan to discuss awareness and realities of gender equality in Japan and Korea from various angles throughout the course of the study.


A meeting with Ms. Utsumi, NWEC PresidentA meeting with Ms. Utsumi, NWEC President

Exchanging ideas with staff membersExchanging ideas with staff members

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